Sixth Finalist – The Porch


We like The Porch – a lot. Friendly service, great bar, cool looking interior, good patio. Smack dab in the middle of “Happenin’ Henderson” (made up moniker by DBBH. I think we’ll copyright it). Happenin’ Henderson is a hot spot for entertainment with it’s delightful mix of dining & drinking establishments. Doesn’t hurt that they offer free valet parking – not a small perk in Dallas.

Side tracking here. Happenin’ Henderson is not alone. Dallas is blessed with hot entertainment areas and DBBH has hit many of the best. Lower Greenville, Bishop Arts, Trinity Grove, Design District, Deep Ellum. Downtown has made a comeback. Head north for Shops at Legacy. We’ve had at least one burger in each of these. It’s been a fun ride.

Back to The Porch. We’ll go back to The Porch but we’ll be eating some of their other dishes. While the burgers are OK (it made the Top 15 through a weak division) it won’t crack the Top 10. There are just too many great burgers out there and we know where they are. So do you if you’ve been following along with us.

The Stodg Burger is inventive but only in looks. As Matt said “In a galaxy far, far away a fried egg on a burger may be a good thing but not in Dallas”. We’ve had a couple and it’s mostly a gimmick.

Fries, chips and onion rings come with the burgers. Run away! Not good would be a kind way to describe them. Fortunately there’s a happy alternative. Reach in your pocket for a couple extra bucks and upgrade to the Smoked Ham Mac & Cheese Casserole. OMG! It is awesome. You could make a meal on the mac & cheese alone.

We want to be clear. A restaurant shouldn’t be judged on just one offering. Go to The Porch. You’ll have a good time with good food and drink. When you’re looking for the best though go somewhere else for your burgers and fries.

The Porch on Henderson

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