Dallas Best Burger Hunters Go PIZZA!

  We finished our hunt for Dallas' Best Burgers. For those with short memories or who might not have been following the hunt we'll include the Top Ten at the bottom of this post. We couldn't quit though - we'd starve. So... we're branching out. Dallas Best Burger Hunters Pizza Division That's right. Surprised aren't you. … Continue reading Dallas Best Burger Hunters Go PIZZA!


Here they are folks. The definitive Top Ten Burgers in Dallas! Finding the ten best was a difficult endeavor. There are so many good burgers in Dallas. Everyone has a favorite and not all will agree with our list. But few have had as many different burgers as the Dallas Best Burger Hunters. Sampling 50 burgers … Continue reading TOP 10 DALLAS BURGERS

Three More Finalists

Second Floor, Liberty Burger & Rodeo Goat Three more excellent burgers. Sadly one of them did not make the top ten. Find out which one when DALLAS BEST BURGER HUNTERS publish our TOP TEN DALLAS BURGERS next week. Be sure to tell all your friends to join us for the big reveal on our blog at dallasbestburgerhunters.com and … Continue reading Three More Finalists

Three More Finalists

    Let's take a look at Blue's Burgers, Wingfield's and The Grape Three worthy contenders Blue's Burgers Blue's Burgers was a great find. None of us had ever been, we hadn't even heard of it. Rarely have we driven west of Love Field on Mockingbird. Now there's a reason. Consider passing on the overpriced food in the terminal, … Continue reading Three More Finalists

We Are Done!!

We've Eaten All The Burgers When Matt came up with this crazy idea I gotta admit - I didn't think we had the staying power to complete the task. I'm glad we did. It's been a hell of a ride. Here are a few statistics from our journey A rough calculation shows we spent around $5200 … Continue reading We Are Done!!

Sixth Finalist – The Porch

  We like The Porch - a lot. Friendly service, great bar, cool looking interior, good patio. Smack dab in the middle of "Happenin' Henderson" (made up moniker by DBBH. I think we'll copyright it). Happenin' Henderson is a hot spot for entertainment with it's delightful mix of dining & drinking establishments. Doesn't hurt that they offer free valet … Continue reading Sixth Finalist – The Porch

Rapscallion – The Fifth Finalist

  Rapscallion is one of the few restaurants to use pimento on their burger. Deb & Will love the three cheese version they use, Matt & Tricia don't like pimento cheese on anything so Tricia switched it out for cheddar. Liking or not liking pimento is a personal taste and not necessarily the fault of the burger. If you like pimento … Continue reading Rapscallion – The Fifth Finalist

Bonus Coverage – Dot’s Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard Serves Up Club Schmitz Burgers

On occasion we will visit a place that's not on our original list of 50. We may hear of a new burger joint worthy of exploring. Such was the case of Dot's Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard in Deep Ellum. Dot's bought the original Club Schmitz grill when it closed it's doors after 68 years serving thousands upon … Continue reading Bonus Coverage – Dot’s Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard Serves Up Club Schmitz Burgers