We Are Done!!

We’ve Eaten All The Burgers

When Matt came up with this crazy idea I gotta admit – I didn’t think we had the staying power to complete the task. I’m glad we did. It’s been a hell of a ride.

Here are a few statistics from our journey

  • A rough calculation shows we spent around $5200 on our quest
  • We consumed somewhere in the neighborhood of 428,000 calories
  • We ate 65 burgers – not including the extras we had at Chop House, Pat & Mikes, Stoneleigh P’s and Matt making us go to Wingfield’s twice
  • It took us 22 months to complete the quest
  • 65 jokes about ketchup
  • Countless laughs
  • 100+ Instagram followers
  • 200+ Blog followers
  • 1000+ Follow on Facebook

The Dallas Best Burger Hunters Top Ten list will be out shortly. Sign up for the blog and Instagram to get them first.

Blog – dallasbestburgerhunters.com

Instagram – Dallas_Best_Burger_Hunters


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