Rapscallion – The Fifth Finalist

Rapscallion EntryRapscallion Burger and Chips


Rapscallion is one of the few restaurants to use pimento on their burger. Deb & Will love the three cheese version they use, Matt & Tricia don’t like pimento cheese on anything so Tricia switched it out for cheddar. Liking or not liking pimento is a personal taste and not necessarily the fault of the burger. If you like pimento go for it. If not you might consider going the Tricia substitution route or trying one of the other great burgers in the DBBH Top Ten. Deb thought the patty was cooked perfectly. Will thought it a tad dry this visit. We all liked the creole mustard although Matt thinks it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. Peppered bacon was excellent. The patty is cooked over pecan wood. Not many of out finalists cook over wood. Love the pecan smoke flavor it adds. LTO were fresh and crispy, bun was flavorful and held everything together.

Rapscallion is a sister restaurant to Boulevardier, sure to make it to at least top five status. These folks know how to make a burger.

On our first visit we thought Rapscallion was a shoe in for the Top Ten. They make a really good burger so it still may make it. It is a worthy Top 15 entry. Problem is that just about all the burgers in the Playoffs are really good burgers. Stay tuned.

Side notes: Rapscallion has the best sweet potato chips we’ve ever had. Order them with anything and everything, get an order for an appetizer, have them for dessert. Take a bag home. Wait staff was personable and attentive. And we all LOVE Lower Greenville.

Rapscallion – Lower Greenville


5 thoughts on “Rapscallion – The Fifth Finalist

  1. Thanks for sending this! I Love it! So glad you enjoyed your visit and burgers! I do not care for the pimento cheese either..but I’m glad you didn’t discount the burger for just that reason. 😁 Have you thought what will come next? After the burger list is complete? Maybe best dessert in Dallas??? 😂 You can’t stop now!

    Hope to see you soon! Kristen



    1. Not sure if dessert is a good idea. After 65 burgers our waistlines couldn’t take it. Salads maybe? I don’t think so. We’re leaning toward pizza or tacos.


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