The Finalists!!

It’s taken a year and a half but we’ve finally tried FIFTY BURGERS! We’ve eaten them all for you, our faithful readers and burger lovers and picked the 15 finalists. We’re going back again now to determine the very best Dallas has to offer.

There were five divisions – ten burgers in each. Top two made it through to the finals. Each of the DBBH had a wild card plus another group wildcard. That’s 15 total for the math challenged.

Here they are – the 1’s, the 2’s and the wildcards. They are in no particular order. In the playoffs all 15 start on equal ground. There will be no preference given to the Ones vs. Twos vs. Wildcards.


The Grape – No big surprise The Grape is in here. Texas Monthly had it rated the Best in Texas.

Stackhouse – Three of us had Stackhouse ranked #1 in its division.

Hopdoddy’s – Initially we thought the multiple location boys couldn’t compete. We were mistaken – Hopdoddy’s is in as well as…..

Liberty Burger – It would be an interesting final if it came down to Liberty vs. Hopdoddy’s – very similar places.

Rodeo Goat – Fort Worth gave Dallas a very good burger


Wingfield’s – This was a sleeper pick. We doubt many of our readers know where it is, many less have actually been there

Blues Burgers – Another one flying below radar. You guys are going to thank us for Blues Burgers and all the other great burgers we’ve discovered

Stoneleigh P – Probably the oldest finalist. Stoneleigh was already well established way back when DBBH used to frequent happy hours every week

Boulevardier – We’re quite certain we were the first patrons to ever go to this casual country French restaurant and order four burgers. Well worth the trip to Bishop Arts

The Porch – We gotta tell you – for some strange reason we don’t remember a lot about The Porch so we’re all looking forward to our revisit


Snuffer’s – Snuffer’s caused the biggest disagreement among the DBBH. Some loved it but one thought it wouldn’t be up there if you couldn’t get cheese fries

Rapscallion – This one should make Top Ten for sure. At least that’s what Will thinks and guess who writes the blog?

Maple & Motor – How could we leave M&M out? Our loyal readers would throw us to the dogs. M&M came in third in the Green Division, THE most competitive division. Four of the 15 finalists came from Green. M&M probably would have made the top two in three of the four other divisions

Henry’s Majestic – One of the lesser known establishments in the group but could compete

Second Floor – Another Green Division entry. No doubt the classiest joint we tried. Hidden away in the Galleria on, you guessed it, the second floor.



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