First Finalist – Henry’s Majestic


By luck of the draw Henry’s Majestic on McKinney has the honor of being our first finalist. Starting with 50 good to great burgers and paring to the 15 best begets some pretty tasty fare. The competition will be fierce. Those that rise to the top will have to be better than they were the first time around. True enough for Henry’s Majestic. We all agreed Henry’s was every bit as good, if not better than we’d thought.

Henry’s has one burger and it’s a really, really good burger. Henry’s Marrow Spiked Burger – Akaushi Beef on Brioche Bun, Bacon, Carmelized onion, sharp cheddar, house pickles

We’d never seen, eaten or heard about Akaushi Beef so we Googled. Akaushi cattle originated in Japan and were brought to the states by a Texas rancher. They claim it has better marbling creating a better tasting beef. It’s also supposed to be healthier. True or not it’s the centerpiece of an exceptional burger.

Henry’s invested a lot of thought and time into creating their burger. Each of the parts are very good but it’s the way they work together that sets it apart. A soft wonderful Brioche bun holds it all in place. Great bacon, perfectly carmelized onions and a not too sharp cheddar. House pickles are served on the side. We don’t have a clue about marrow spiking but it at least doesn’t hurt. The fry chefs take pride in their craft. Our burgers arrived perfectly seared to our requests – three medium rare (recommended) and one medium. House made chips are included.

They call it a “rustic-chic setting” We call it a fun, really loud, place. Great bars. Good looking patio. We were there on a Saturday night and they had live music.

Henry’s Majestic – 4900 McKinney –

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