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Stackhouse Burger
Stoneleigh Shrop Burger
Stoneleigh P’s
Maple and Motor Finals Burger
Maple & Motor


Not every establishment with a burger on the menu can be called a burger joint. Fast food restaurants are not burger joints. Higher end restaurants serving burgers are not burger joints. Burger joints earn the name. Just say “burger joint” and you’re sure to get a true burger lover salivating. Stackhouse is a BURGER JOINT in capital letters. It should be at the top of any list of low key, laid back, reasonably priced, cool vibe burger joints. Grab a burger and a beer, head up to the spectacular roof top patio and have a good old time with friends.

Let’s put Stackhouse in perspective with Matt’s review:  “I know what I like and when I think back to my lifetime favorite burgers the theme is always – simple; delicious char grilled meat; tasty bun and simple toppings.  Stackhouse is just that.  I put it above Snuffers so imagine what I think of this.  So good!” That’s some lofty praise from a walking Snuffer’s billboard.

Very simple, very good burger. “Medium” or “Done” are your only options.  Pick Medium.  A single is a perfect six ounce loosely packed patty. It’s going to be messy good. If you don’t like your burger dripping you might try Done. You can get a double but with orders of great fries and rings and a couple of beers why would you?

Stoneleigh P’s

The burger here is a great piece of meat – we think. During our first visit and the playoff visit they overcooked our burgers. They were very gracious both times and took them back. Trouble is they came back overcooked the second time. On the good side the taste of the patty is very pleasing with a nice char from the grill. Most of DBBH like the pumpernickel bread – unique in the burger world.

This place is an institution but it doesn’t seem the young are embracing it as much as we did in the good old days. We went on a Friday night and not many people were there. For you younger readers – you should give it a try. For folks of a similar age to DBBH you should go back. Great old timey bar with cheaper than most drinks in Dallas. We use Stoneleigh for dinner before heading out to the Maverick game.

We were curious about the “P” in the name so we did a little research. The space was originally the Stoneleigh Pharmacy. Only the “P” remains from the old apothecary. They have kept a bit of the pharmacy alive though by having delightfully tacky pictures of prescription pill shelving along the wall.

Update for any of you who haven’t visited Stoneleigh P’s since the 80’s – they now serve ketchup!

Maple & Motor

Maple & Motor is on just about every top ten list. It should be. M&M is like Stackhouse – a burger joint and we love burger joints.

Ordering is simple – Pink or “Not Pink Not rare, medium-rare, medium and those other disgusting levels of done. Great patty is loosely packed and literally falls apart. Most DBBH think that makes it better but it does make for a messy burger. Fresh buns and fixings. A couple of us aren’t wild about mustard on a burger. We asked them to leave it off – and they did – but the pickle relish they use is mustard based. When (not if) we go back we’ll get it without mustard AND relish. Dress it up to make it your it your own signature burger. Enjoy!

M&M always draws a crowd. Prepare to stand in line, often stretching outside. It goes quickly though. Don’t even think about going in and commandeering a table while your mate orders at the counter. NOT cool – or allowed.







One thought on “Last Reviews!

  1. Is there any way that you can find out what happened to the burger cook at the “Hole in the Wall” on Harry Hines close to 635? They had the best hamburgers I ever put my mouth on and won best burger in Dallas for several years in a row, but they closed and I don’t know where she went to work. Just hoping you had a way to find out.

    Mary Lou Hudman


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