Fourth Finalist – Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Well this was certainly a surprise - and not in a good way.  We feel we must continue to make this disclaimer:  We are in the finals folks. The 50 we tried were all on someone's Top Ten list. We have had 48 really good burgers. We'd go back to any of them (except those two bad … Continue reading Fourth Finalist – Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Third Finalist – Boulevardier 

Boulevardier was a favorite on our first visit and  upped their game the second time around. Full disclosure - Kristen, our exemplary waitress, recognized us from our first visit. We doubt that made a difference - we just wanted to mention DBBH was recognized! We're kind of a big deal 😎 We can't think of a … Continue reading Third Finalist – Boulevardier 

Second Finalist – Snuffer’s

  The venerable Snuffer's (since 1978) made it in the finals largely due to Matt's persistent lobbying on their behalf. He used his wildcard to get it in. Snuffer's would have made it in on its own had it not been for Will's low ranking. It didn't help them that the White Division has Liberty and Boulevardier. It still came in … Continue reading Second Finalist – Snuffer’s

Bonus Coverage – Dot’s Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard Serves Up Club Schmitz Burgers

On occasion we will visit a place that's not on our original list of 50. We may hear of a new burger joint worthy of exploring. Such was the case of Dot's Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard in Deep Ellum. Dot's bought the original Club Schmitz grill when it closed it's doors after 68 years serving thousands upon … Continue reading Bonus Coverage – Dot’s Hophouse and Cocktail Courtyard Serves Up Club Schmitz Burgers

First Finalist – Henry’s Majestic

  By luck of the draw Henry's Majestic on McKinney has the honor of being our first finalist. Starting with 50 good to great burgers and paring to the 15 best begets some pretty tasty fare. The competition will be fierce. Those that rise to the top will have to be better than they were … Continue reading First Finalist – Henry’s Majestic

The Finalists!!

It's taken a year and a half but we've finally tried FIFTY BURGERS! We've eaten them all for you, our faithful readers and burger lovers and picked the 15 finalists. We're going back again now to determine the very best Dallas has to offer. There were five divisions - ten burgers in each. Top two made it through to the finals. Each of … Continue reading The Finalists!!


We are almost there! Jake's was the 49th burger joint we've tried. Just one more and we have completed 50. We are almost to the playoffs. The venerable Jake's won't be going on but is still a classic. Love the poppyseed bun and the tater tot's.

Just So You Don’t Think We Don’t Give Everyone a Chance

We'd heard enough good reviews of The Royale Magnificent Burger that we had to send a scout to check it out. Not an official visit mind you. Just one DBBH to see if it warranted a full scale review. Unfortunately it doesn't. Nice old timey burger joint vibe. Good bar, a dozen local craft beers … Continue reading Just So You Don’t Think We Don’t Give Everyone a Chance

Where to Have a Burger This Weekend

It's the weekend. Yippee! Everyone's going out with friends and family. Where will you go? What will you eat? Well you can't go wrong with one of the best burgers in Dallas. Here's our list of those in the finals through the first four divisions. Try one or two and let us know what you think. You won't be … Continue reading Where to Have a Burger This Weekend