The Yellow Division – First Three

Thought we'd give you a teaser of the Yellow Division and the results to date. Maybe you could try one or more of the Yellow Division and get back to us with your thoughts. So far these six from the Red, White and Blue Divisions plus probable wild cards will go on to the finals: Red 1 - Luscher's Red … Continue reading The Yellow Division – First Three

Red Division Results

Dallas Best Burger Hunters – The Red Division  THE QUEST STARTS HERE The Quest is structured with five divisions – ten places in each division. If you recall “Quests are Hard” and must be continually tweaked for fairness and logistics. Identifying the divisions became our first issue. The obvious was Division 1, Division 2, etc. … Continue reading Red Division Results

The Great Burger Quest Explained

I like burgers. You like burgers. We like burgers. Everyone likes a good hamburger! But where do we find the BEST hamburger? That has become our Quest – to find the definitive, absolute best burgers in Dallas and the surrounding burbs. Who are we? What are our qualifications? Why would we undertake such a quest? … Continue reading The Great Burger Quest Explained