Dallas Best Burger Hunters Go PIZZA!


We finished our hunt for Dallas’ Best Burgers. For those with short memories or who might not have been following the hunt we’ll include the Top Ten at the bottom of this post. We couldn’t quit though – we’d starve. So… we’re branching out.

Dallas Best Burger Hunters

Pizza Division

That’s right. Surprised aren’t you. Bet you thought we only knew burgers, that our expertise did not extend to other foods. If that’s what you thought you may have been right. That’s not to say we don’t know a good pizza. We do. We LOVE pizza almost as much as we love burgers. The problem is we’re struggling to come up with a pizza rating strategy. In it’s base form a burger is a beef patty (don’t get us started on veggie, black bean, tuna, turkey, tofu or any other fake patty) sitting on a bun with cheese, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato. You can leave out one of those (raw onions) or add others(mushrooms, bacon, etc.) but everyone knows the basic burger. You could say the same thing about pizza. It’s basically dough, sauce and toppings. If you did you’d be correct but oh so wrong.

Pizzas come in a seemingly infinite variety of pies. Seems like all the old cities have their own versions of which they are famously defensive and derogatory of any other variety. You have your New York slices, Chicago deep dish, Detroit style which we think is a deep dish with lighter crust. St. Louis, Will’s home town, has their own style. Will did not know that. Whole states and regions claim their own. California’s claim to pizza fame is they can put any strange thing you can think of on top of a crust. New Jersey puts the toppings UNDER the sauce (weird), New England is well known for Greek style pizza although that must be a niche style.

Neapolitan style is the granddaddy of them all. The Neapolitan pizza is the original pizza Italian immigrants brought to the United States. This is the pizza that launched all other pizza. The crust is thin, crunchy, and baked in a wood-fired oven. The pizza should have minimal toppings—maybe some mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil. Throw some pepperoni on top but don’t weigh it down or the crust will get soggy. That’s about it in it’s truest form.

Then you get in to toppings, LOTS of toppings. Every meat, fruit and vegetable you can possibly imagine has at one time or another been added to a pizza. Red sauce. White sauce. We even had a green sauce pizza on St. Patrick’s Day.

So you see our dilemma. How do you compare a sausage mushroom Chicago deep dish with a California veggie pizza. Well that one’s easy – you don’t. You just order the sausage mushroom. But if we did Deb & Will would tangle with Matt & Tricia who actually PREFER veggie pizza. How about Detroit vs. New England or St. Louis vs. the Yankees?

Stay tuned. We’ll explain our system (or lack of one) in the next post. While you wait for it go have a burger.

DBBH Top Ten Burgers

For detailed descriptions and photos go back to our earlier posts

  1. Boulevardier in Bishop Arts
  2. The Grape on Lower Greenville
  3. Second Floor in the Galleria
  4. Stackhouse near Baylor Hospital
  5. Henry’s Majestic off Central near Monticello
  6. Liberty Burger with multiple locations
  7. Stoneleigh P’s
  8. Blues Burgers on Mockingbird west of Love Field
  9. Snuffers with many locations
  10. Maple & Motor at Maple and Motor

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