Here they are folks. The definitive Top Ten Burgers in Dallas! Finding the ten best was a difficult endeavor. There are so many good burgers in Dallas. Everyone has a favorite and not all will agree with our list. But few have had as many different burgers as the Dallas Best Burger Hunters. Sampling 50 burgers gives us some level of expertise but we’d be happy to entertain your favorites.

The top three burgers on the list should be in a special category. They are a big step up from the rest. Be sure to give them a try but bring a few extra bucks. They run $16 to $18. Not a small price for a burger but for one this good they’re worth the price.

Limiting the list to 10 left out some really good burgers. So don’t miss Wingfield’s, Rodeo Goat, Rapscallion, Hopdoddy and Burger Bueno. You could make an argument that any of these could have made it in.

Counting down to #1 the TOP TEN BURGERS in Dallas are…


Number 10  MAPLE & MOTOR

Maple and Motor Finals Burger



Maple & Motor is on just about every top ten list. It should be. M&M always draws a crowd. Prepare to stand in line, often stretching outside.

Ordering is simple – “Pink” or “Not Pink” Not rare, medium-rare, medium and those other disgusting levels of done. Great patty is loosely packed and literally falls apart making a messy burger. Fresh buns and lots of add-ons. Pickle relish is good but mustard based. Remember that when you order. Dress it up to make it your it your own signature burger. Enjoy!

Number 9  SNUFFER’S




Start with the Snuffer’s Classic because, well, it’s their classic burger, first on the menu and highlighted in red – it must be good. It is! Fresh ground chuck hamburger with mustard, pickles, red onion, shredded lettuce and tomato – cheese is extra. Try one of the many other burgers. The Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger (crumbled bleu cheese & applewood bacon strips with bleu cheese dressing, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes). Excellent!  Burgers come on a superb poppy seed bun. Snuffer’s does a really good job of cooking their burgers to order but their definitions of rare, medium and well done are a tad different than you might think. If you like medium rare order medium or you’ll be killing your own cow.

No review of Snuffer’s would be complete without a shout out for the cheese fries. Best ever!




The HMF burger can light you up. Fire was coming out our ears on our first visit. Second time back we ordered the jalapenos on the side thinking that would tame it down. Same result. The grilled jalapenos weren’t the source of the heat, it’s the Ghost Pepper Cheese.  Add spicy Blue’s sauce and this burger is some serious stuff. Have napkins, water, beer and a fire extinguisher at the ready. Now see if you can figure out it’s name – HMF.

Fortunately Blue’s Burgers has six more great burgers. Each is a different innovative concoction of premium angus beef, grilled thick cut bologna, fried or caramelized onions, house slaw, Portobello mushrooms, locally baked bread and fresh LTO. Consider the couple of buck upgrade to their signature short rib blend patty. We like our tots crispy – Blue’s has ’em.

Number 7    STONELEIGH P’s

Stoneleigh Shrop 2


A Dallas institution. Easily the oldest joint on the list. Lots of old time charm. It had been a long time since we’d had one of their burgers and our memories are failing or they’ve upped their game. Very good meat with a nice char from the grill adds to the taste. Some of the selections are served on pumpernickel bread – somewhat unique in the burger world.

Number 6   Liberty Burger
















Liberty is more accessible (multiple locations) and more reasonably priced than the very best of our Top Ten. It can be on your burger rotation over and over. You’ll always get a good burger and you can get it six different ways + tuna, veggie, lamb and turkey. The Baby Bella with killer Queso blanco, sautéed baby bella mushrooms, Big O Ring, basil garlic aioli is outstanding. The Chillerno boasts flame roasted poblano pepper and chipotle BBQ sauce. Heck, try them all, they’re all excellent. Liberty onion rings are arguably the best in town.



Henrys Magestic

Henry’s has one burger and it’s a really, really good burger. Henry’s Marrow Spiked Burger – Akaushi Beef on Brioche Bun, Bacon, Carmelized onion, sharp cheddar, house pickles.

Henry’s invested a lot of thought and time into creating their burger. Each of the parts are very good but it’s the way they work together that sets it apart. A soft wonderful Brioche bun holds it all in place. Great bacon, perfectly carmelized onions and a not too sharp cheddar. House pickles are served on the side. We don’t have a clue about marrow spiking but it at least doesn’t hurt. Our burgers arrived perfectly seared to our requests. House made chips are included.



Stackhouse Burger

Very simple, very good burgers. “Medium” or “Done” are your only options.  Pick Medium.  A single is a perfect six ounce loosely packed patty. It’s going to be messy good. If you don’t like your burger dripping you might try Done. You can order a double but with great fries and rings and a couple of beers why would you?


Second Floor Close Up

This was just about perfection. The patty is exceptional – house ground beef mixed with a bit of prime rib cooked on a flame grill for a nice char on the outside and medium rare middle. We really don’t know how to describe a patty that holds together but isn’t “tough”. The patty alone would be burger heaven – an out of body burger experience!  They serve two burgers – The Texan (pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, crispy shallots, bacon jam on a brioche bun) and The Artisan (brie cheese, “melted mushrooms”, tomato jam on brioche bun). It’s so nice when a burger purveyor takes pride in their burger and attends to each element to create a burger experience for the diner. Great service and a HUGE whiskey selection. Sleek looking place. Second Floor is hidden away in the Galleria on the second floor over the hotel.

Number 2   THE GRAPE

The Grape Cropped

What could we possibly say that hasn’t already been screamed from the mountain tops? THE GRAPE HAS A GREAT BURGER! Texas Monthly rated The Grape the best burger in Texas. We couldn’t describe it any better than chef and owner Brian Luscher did:

“I put a burger on the brunch menu at The Grape, because I couldn’t find one that was at the level of awesomeness that a chef deserves on his day off. We ground the chuck rolls by hand. I cured, smoked, and sliced the bacon. Sourced the finest pain au lait roll from a local father-and-son bakery. Peppered sliced tomatoes from Mr. Lemley’s farm. Found these crazy Nathan’s horseradish pickles. Made fresh Dijonnaise. I also went out of my way to make a perfect slice of Vermont white cheddar, which does not like being sliced perfectly.”

If there’s a knock on The Grape it’s that you can only get it Sundays and Mondays.


Number 1 Trophy



We can’t think of a thing they could do to make this any better with the possible exception of price. At $18 with fries it’s the most expensive finalist. If you can handle that you’ll be in burger nirvana.

Start with a half pound patty cooked to perfection. Big enough to give a nice medium rare and still get an ever so slight crust. Burgers are all cooked on pecan wood. House bacon is thick cut. Gruyere cheese may now be our favorite. Caramelized onions have a nice flavor but don’t overpower the meat. Soft but sturdy bun. You could say it’s just a bacon cheeseburger but that would way undervalue the experience. Crisp, skinny fries are an added bonus.

You should have a bacon cheeseburger this good at least once in your life. Even if it’s $18. But beware – you’ll be back again.










11 thoughts on “TOP 10 DALLAS BURGERS

    1. If you don’t count Snuffer’s Cheese Fries (which you should) then the best were the parmesan fries at Armoury DE. Easily the best fries we’ve eaten – and we’ve eaten a lot of fries in our endeavor! The “Damn Burger” is very good as well. If you can handle Deep Ellum you should give it a shot. The Dallas Best Burger Hunters LOVE Deep Ellum. Lot’s of really good places to eat.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the reading …. LOVE a good burger. Y’all have provided some food for thought as I must now make my “where are we going for dinner” list with my dear husband! Wonderful, very thorough job, guys!


    1. Looks like pizza. We had our first pizza visit last week. Pie Tap Pizza Workshop in the Design District has set the bar pretty high.


  2. Hi DBBH. Blues Burgers here. Thanks for including us in your top ten list, we are very excited! Just a small suggestion here. We posted a link to your blog on our facebook page. Maybe you will pick up some new followers. The photo it defaults to is the photo/comment you have at the bottom, which is mostly text. Because it is mostly text, Facebook won’t let me Boost the post. If you put a photo (maybe a burger?) it will eliminate this issue. You can go to our facebook page to see what I’m talking about. If I can boost, we can reach a couple of thousand more people at the very least. Thanks again for including us. We are honored!


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