Three More Finalists



Let’s take a look at Blue’s Burgers,

Wingfield’s and The Grape

Three worthy contenders

Blue’s Burgers

Blues Burger HMF Finals

Blue’s Burgers was a great find. None of us had ever been, we hadn’t even heard of it. Rarely have we driven west of Love Field on Mockingbird. Now there’s a reason. Consider passing on the overpriced food in the terminal, call Uber for an early pick up  and have your pre-flight meal at Blue’s Burgers. You’ll be glad you did.

Their HMF burger can light you up. Fire was coming out our ears on our first visit. Second time back we ordered the jalapenos on the side thinking that would tame it down. Same result. The grilled jalapenos weren’t the source of the heat, it’s the Ghost Pepper Cheese. The Scoville Heat Unit Scale (Google it – all the peppers are rated) rates Ghost Pepper at about a million Scoville Units! By comparison a jalapeno has about 8,000. Add the spicy Blue’s sauce and this burger is some serious stuff. Have napkins, water, beer and a fire extinguisher at the ready. Now see if you can figure out it’s name – HMF.

Fortunately Blue’s Burgers has six more great burgers. Each is an innovative concoction of premium angus beef, grilled thick cut bologna, fried or caramelized onions, house slaw, Portobello mushrooms, locally baked bread and fresh LTO. Consider the couple of buck upgrade to their signature short rib blend patty. We like our tots crispy – Blue’s has ’em.


You can’t make a reservation and you will stand it line but Wingfield’s is worth the drive to South Dallas for a truly memorable burger experience. Double park, place your order at the counter, go outside and wait and then find a place to eat. No tables. There may be a couple of stools. We suggest going around the corner to Beckley-Saner Park, you do NOT want to try eating a Wingfield’s half pounder in the car – not if you like your car. Wingfield’s is a great place to grab a burger before or after golf at Stevens Park – just ask Mark Robertson (threw that reference in to see if he actually reads our blog). If you don’t think you’re up to the drive you can wait till the State Fair. They have a booth on the main drag. Matt & Trish once had four Wingfield burgers in a single week.

You’re there for the giant half pound burgers. Fries and rings aren’t all that great, or necessary. You’ll barely be able to woof down a single bacon cheeseburger. Believe it or not they offer a double and triple! Wish we had ordered one just to say we’d done it. It’s like having the Grand Canyon of burgers on your bucket list.

The cook smashes one of those burger balls on the old grill. There it fries in a pool of grease until perfectly seared then flipped. These guys are burger artists. Like what Jethro from Beverly Hillbillies aspired to be. Top it off with fresh LTO and mustard, add bacon if you must and enjoy.

The Grape

The Grape TM

What could we possibly say that hasn’t already been screamed from the mountain tops? THE GRAPE HAS A GREAT BURGER! Non other than the esteemed Texas Monthly rated The Grape the best burger in Texas. That makes it the best in the world cuz what could be better than the best Texas has to offer?

We couldn’t describe it any better than chef and owner Brian Luscher did in D Magazine:

“I put a burger on the brunch menu at The Grape, because I couldn’t find one that was at the level of awesomeness that a chef deserves on his day off. We ground the chuck rolls by hand. I cured, smoked, and sliced the bacon. Sourced the finest pain au lait roll from a local father-and-son bakery. Peppered sliced tomatoes from Mr. Lemley’s farm. Found these crazy Nathan’s horseradish pickles. Made fresh Dijonnaise. I also went out of my way to make a perfect slice of Vermont white cheddar, which does not like being sliced perfectly. The fries? Of course they were hand-cut. It was kind of a pain, but we made only 10 or 12 burgers every Sunday. No big whoop.”

He’s upped his production from 10 or 12 but that hasn’t diminished anything. If there’s a knock on The Grape it’s that you can only get it Sundays and Mondays.



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