Third Finalist – Boulevardier 

Boulevardier was a favorite on our first visit and  upped their game the second time around. Full disclosure – Kristen, our exemplary waitress, recognized us from our first visit. We doubt that made a difference – we just wanted to mention DBBH was recognized! We’re kind of a big deal 😎

We can’t think of a thing they could do to make this any better with the possible exception of price. At $18 with fries it’s the most expensive finalist. If you can handle that you’ll be in burger nirvana. We don’t factor cost in ranking – only burger and this one is AWESOME!

Start with a half pound patty cooked to perfection. Big enough to give a nice medium rare and still get an ever so slight crust. Burgers are all cooked on pecan wood. House bacon is thick cut. Gruyere cheese may now be our favorite. Caramelized onions have a nice flavor but don’t overpower the meat. Soft but sturdy bun. You could say it’s just a bacon cheeseburger but that would way undervalue the experience. Crisp, skinny fries are an added bonus. We still have twelve finalists to go but there’s no way Boulevardier doesn’t make Top 5, maybe higher.

You should have a bacon cheeseburger this good at least once in your life. Even if it’s $18. But beware – you’ll be back again.

Boulevardier – Bishop Arts

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