Second Finalist – Snuffer’s


The venerable Snuffer’s (since 1978) made it in the finals largely due to Matt’s persistent lobbying on their behalf. He used his wildcard to get it in. Snuffer’s would have made it in on its own had it not been for Will’s low ranking. It didn’t help them that the White Division has Liberty and Boulevardier. It still came in a very respectable third.

Will has now upped his ranking by changing burgers. Snuffer’s has a dozen burger selections. On the first visit we all had the Snuffer’s Classic because, well, it’s their classic burger, first on the menu and highlighted in red – it must be good. It is!  Fresh ground chuck hamburger with mustard, pickles, red onion, lettuce and tomato – cheese is extra. Try the others though. We ventured out and ordered the Bleu Cheese Bacon Burger (crumbled bleu cheese & applewood bacon strips with bleu cheese dressing, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes). Excellent! All their lettuce is shredded and Deb doesn’t like that. Tastes the same but messy. Burgers come on what most think is a superb poppy seed bun but one of the DBBH thinks it falls apart too easily. Snuffer’s does a really good job of cooking their burgers to order but their definitions of rare, medium and well done are a tad different than you might think. If you like medium rare order medium or you’ll be killing your own cow.

No review of Snuffer’s would be complete without a shout out for the cheese fries. Best ever! Just look at the picture above and start drooling.

Snuffer’s has 11 locations all over DFW but go to the original on Greenville. More history and ambiance and it’s the only one with the Snuffer’s Ghost. For more on the ghost check out their website.

Snuffer’s – Multiple Locations –



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