Just So You Don’t Think We Don’t Give Everyone a Chance

We’d heard enough good reviews of The Royale Magnificent Burger that we had to send a scout to check it out. Not an official visit mind you. Just one DBBH to see if it warranted a full scale review. Unfortunately it doesn’t. Nice old timey burger joint vibe. Good bar, a dozen local craft beers on tap. That’s all good but what I came for was the burger. It didn’t live up to the hype. Loved the presentation on a “silver” tray. The patty was cooked a pleasing medium rare as ordered (not something you get everywhere). The bun was excellent, soft and buttery. But the meat was tasteless. I wished there was a salt shaker on the table to give it just a little seasoning. All things considered I’d only go if I lived in Plano with kids tagging along. Not a destination burger joint. 

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