Uncle Herky is History!

Luscher’s Has Closed It’s Doors!

This is a game changer for the Burger Hunters     BIG TIME!

It’s a sad, sad day in the Dallas burger world. Luscher’s has closed. There will be no more Uncle Herkys.

Uncle Herky has been our gold standard of burgers. It was one of the first we tried way back in the Red Division (which it easily won). We’ve used it as the benchmark burger for comparing all other burgers. Our header picture on the blog is a picture of the Uncle Herky. We dream about Uncle Herky. I was going to name my third kid Herky.

There is one small consolation. Faithful followers will remember The Herky’s only real rival has been the burger at The Grape owned by Brian & Courtney Luscher. So the Grape Burger and Uncle Herky are kind of cousins. Only problem is The Grape Burger is only available Sundays and Mondays. So what do we do Tuesday through Saturday???

I’m crying as I write this.

Luscher’s Facebook post Saturday – WOW! Really feeling the love today and are overwhelmed with the response from everyone. We will reopen tomorrow at 11am until ??? with a limited menu. We’re talking Eye-talians, Red Hots, Uncle Herkys, fries and beer…and more beer. Please come by and bid us adieu – we’re not going to have enough food to open Monday or Tuesday (sorry!). Sunday Funday is the LAST day for Luscher’s. Thank you all! With love, Luscher’s Red Hots

Luscher’s Facebook post Sunday – Thanks for another overwhelming day. So wonderful to see so many familiar faces and new ones too. It’s official – we’re out of food and closed for business.

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