A Day in the Life of Burger Hunters

A Burger Hunter is an athlete. As hard as that is to believe we sometimes have to sacrifice our bodies for the team. Amateurs and the weak of heart can’t survive in our line of work. We can’t win without enduring the pain and adding another notch to your belt. Friday was one of those days and oh did we suffer. Maybe a pound of burgers and fries consumed. Unbelievably Trish had popcorn at the movie. I was laying on the couch by 7:30 and only got up to go to bed.

To make it through 50 burger joints (plus the playoffs) we have on occasion eaten two burgers in one day. With tax season over two of the Burger Hunters needed a break so a mini-burger vacation was created. With a couple hours of work in the morning we headed out for a lunch burger, movie and dinner burger.

First the movie. We give four thumbs up to The Accountant. Full disclosure: three of your Burger Hunters are or were accountants.

The movie is about an accountant (big surprise) who’s a nerd (another big surprise) who spends most of the movie shooting bad guys (really big surprise). While earning our accounting degrees we somehow missed the sharpshooting class. Go see it. Good movie.

Now back to the burgers. We hit Wingfield’s and Keller’s. zcamera-20161023_145826 (1).jpg

Wingfield’s Breakfast & Burgers

Early on we told the Wingfield’s story. It was one of our earliest entrants back in the Red Division. Incidently – if you can remember Old Glory you can remember the first three divisions in order – Red, White and Blue. Wingfield’s is, and evidently will always be, one of Matt’s favorites. He ate a Wingfield’s burger four times in one week last year – all at the State Fair where they had a booth (Wingfield’s – not the Golds). The last of those was an official Dallas Best Burger Hunters visit. Will & Deb were unimpressed and rated it low enough that it didn’t end up in the Red’s top two, eliminating it from the playoffs. As we know, Matt can be a badger about his favorites and after a year of his constant pleading we agreed to give it a second chance. This time at it’s permanent location on South Beckley where you can get your car washed, tires & oil changed and get your taxes done in adjacent establishments while waiting in line for your burger.

The Wingfield’s patty is absurdly huge. Amazingly they offer a “Bacon Triple Meat Cheeseburger” but not for those a little lite in the wallet. The triple will set you back a cool $17.30. Wingfield’s is truly a hole in the wall – there’s a counter to order and no tables. Order then go outside to wait 20 minutes while the fry cooks work their magic. We ate ours on the back of the car near the trash bin at a nearby gas station. We’re nothing if not classy.

We’re glad we went back.

Keller’s Drive-In

As much a Dallas institution as any burger joint in Dallas. Keller’s has been serving up good, cheap burgers for 50 years. Dallasites have grown up eating the #5 Special – double meat on a poppy seed bun. We had four #5’s, tots, fries, onion rings and a couple of drinks for around $22. You can’t beat that. Is it the best burger in Dallas? No. But is it a good burger served by friendly carhops in a retro drive-in? Yes, way cool. Eat in the car and enjoy the experience. It’s better than any fast food burger. BTW – You can drive through and get a six pack of your favorite beer fast and cheap without getting out of the car.

What did you do Friday?

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